Rotary Club of West Liberty
Newsletter - as of July 4, 2024

Volume 2 | Issue 1

Upcoming Meetings
Meetings are from Noon-1PM at
Liberty Public House (unless otherwise stated).
July 5th
July 12th
~ No Meeting July 19: We'll be at the FAIR! ~
July 26th
August 2nd
A Message from President Jake Burroughs:
Starting July 1, 2024: we are moving to quarterly evening meetings and retaining the weekly Friday noon meetings. Service projects remain as-available and a heavy focus on collaborating with other service organizations. 
Warm welcome to 2024-2025 Rotary Club of West Liberty President Jake Burroughs!


Bike rack and repair station at Kimberly Park.
Rotarians Shaun Kruger & Diane Brooks helping install bike racks at Wapsi Park.
Completed install of bike racks at Wapsi Park.
T-shirt Order!
We will be ordering t-shirts soon for our new members. If you are not a new member and would like a Rotary Club
of West Liberty T-shirt please click the button below to
send us your size.  We are hoping to design
(exciting, right?! Yes, we will have a new design!), order
and receive shirts before fair week.
*Fingers crossed*
T-shirts will cost approximately $20.00
The Rotary Club of West Liberty recognized several of its members with awards and special recognitions for their service to the Club and to the Community during the past Rotary year. Over the next week or so, we will be sharing some of these stories.
First on the list, was our Rotarian of the Year, Cliff McFerren!
Having served as Club President in the past, Cliff is a valuable resource to Club leadership, and is always eager to volunteer. Cliff served as chair of the lunch meetings last year, chair
of the Fair committee, and participated in more than 18 community service projects in
the past year.
Please join us in congratulating Cliff on being the Rotary Club of West LIberty's Rotarian of the Year!
Muscatine County Fair - Update from Fair Chair, Clifford McFerren:
Framework for this year's stand will be two 4-hour shifts of 2 to 3 Rotarians/Interact Students each shift.  This will help us meet the fair board's requirement for longer hours.
"We ran into a major snag with the Rotary Stand remodel project.  The back wall ( west side) was infested with carpenter ants, rot, and water damage.  The wooden floor will also need to be replaced with concrete.  We are looking at several options, but due to the short time frame, and the fact that we want to do this right,  we may have to use building #2 rather than building #1 while we make repairs and complete the remodel.   I would like to thank everyone that has helped so far.  The committee will release more info once we have more information."  -Clifford
Update: We will only be working out of stand #2. We will offer Yotti bars, pop and water. Cliff is working on a new volunteer schedule and will have that out soon. 
If you would like to help or contribute in anyway, please reach out to Fair Chair listed below:
Clifford McFerren:  (319) 430-6125
Rotary Foundation Minute - June 10, 2024
Welcome to Week TWO of RI’s Month of Fellowships.
Rotary International’s fourth Programs of Scale grant will support members' work with Indian farmers who have been affected by climate change. Barry Rassin, chair of The Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees, announced the US$2 million grant at the 2024 Rotary International Convention in Singapore. The program, Partners for Water Access and Better Harvests in India, will aim to increase groundwater tables, extend cultivation areas, and raise the incomes of about 60,000 farmers by 25% to 30%. “Farmers in India are responsible for producing much of the world’s wheat, rice, and other food staples. But the groundwater these farmers depend on is vanishing. Climate change is making rainfall more erratic, which leads to drought,” Rassin said. “We are working with Indian farmers on a five-year program to plant the seeds for sustainable farming in India for generations to come.”
The Rotary Foundation has awarded Programs of Scale grants to evidence-based, sustainable, and successful programs that target at least one of Rotary’s areas of focus and can be expanded to create far-reaching change. The programs are sponsored by Rotary members in collaboration with local communities and partners that offer additional expertise and support. The other finalist this year is One Million Healthy Mothers and Newborns. This Ugandan initiative aims to reduce maternal deaths by 35% and newborn deaths by 35% in at least 200 public health centers.
In Rotary,
Olabisi Gwamna, PhD
Mount Pleasant Rotary
Editor, Foundation Minute
End Polio Update June 29, 2024
Terry's Polio Eradication Update
For the week ending 6/29/24 
Dear Polio Eradication Warriors,
No new Wild Polio cases reported this week.  We are now 5 weeks since the Onset of Paralysis of the most recent reported Wild Polio Case in the Hilmand Province of Afghanistan.
Now is the time to make your year-end END POLIO NOW donation!  Your check donation must be postmarked by June 29 and must arrive at TRF by 7/5/24.  Your credit card on-line donation must be made by June 30 to be included in the Rotary 2023-24 Year!  All Polio donations are matched $2 to your $1 by the Gates Foundation for even greater impact.
Also, please encourage your District Governor and District Rotary Foundation Chair to make a year-end DDF donation for additional matching on top of the Gates match! 
A message from Trustee Chair Barry Rassin
Did you know that Rotary clubs who donate US$1,500 or more to PolioPlus (this Rotary Year and in the coming Rotary Year) will receive a certificate of appreciation? Your support is crucial in our fight to eradicate polio. Thank you for your continued dedication and generosity. Together, we end polio.
You will enjoy listening to this Rotary Voices Podcast - the Polio story of Dr. Peter Salk and his father's legacy in the Polio eradication effort.
Total Wild Polio cases
Year-to-date 2024
- in endemic countries:
- in post-endemic countries:
2024 Wild Polio Case Total - 11 - Afghanistan 6, Pakistan 5
2024 Circulating Variant Polio Case Total - 79  Angola - 2, Chad - 4, DR Congo - 7, Ethiopia - 6, Guinea - 2, Mali - 1, Niger - 2, Nigeria  30, Somalia - 2, South Sudan - 6, Yemen - 15
2023 Wild Polio Case Total 12 - Afghanistan 6, Pakistan 6
 2022 Wild Polio Cases - Pakistan 20, Afghanistan 2, Mozambique 8
2022 Circulating Variant Polio Cases – 914 in 26 Countries
2023 Circulating Variant Polio Case Total - 524    Benin - 3, Burkina Faso - 3, Burundi - 1, Central African Republic - 14, Chad - 55, Cote d' Ivoire - 6, DR Congo - 223, Guinea - 47, Indonesia - 6, Israel - 1, Kenya - 8, Madagascar - 24, Mali - 15, Mauritania - 1, Mozambique - 5,Niger - 2, Nigeria - 87, Somalia - 8, South Sudan - 3, Tanzania - 3, Yemen - 8, Zambia - 1, Zimbabwe - 1.
New Polio Cases & Samples reported this week -
  • Pakistan:  ten WPV1-positive environmental samples
  • Ethiopia:  one cVDPV2 case
  • Madagascar :  two cVDPV1-positive environmental samples
  • South Sudan:  one cVDPV2-positive environmental sample
  • Yemen:  five cVDVP2 cases
Quote of the Day -  "I see trees of green, Red roses, too, I see them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world."  George David Weiss & Robert Thiele, "What a Wonderful World" 1967
The Final Two Polio Endemic Countries:
Pakistan No new Wild Polio cases reported this weekFive Wild Polio cases reported in 2024.  Six Wild Polio Cases reported in 2023.  The most recent case had an onset of paralysis on 05/11/24.  Ten WPV1 Samples and no cVDPV2 Positive Environmental Samples were reported this week in Pakistan. 
Afghanistan No new Wild Polio cases reported this week.  Six Wild Polio cases reported in 2024.  Six Wild Polio Cases reported in 2023.  The most recent case had an onset of paralysis on 05/22/24.  No WPV1 Samples and no cVDPV2 Positive Environmental Samples were reported this week In Afghanistan. 
Advocate, Donate & Educate to END POLIO NOW & FOREVER!
         Over 3 billion Children Immunized
         21,000,000 Children Saved from the Paralysis of Polio                                                                
   Our Goal is Global Polio Eradication!!
Terry Ziegler, Polio Update Newsletter Editor
Rotary Region 36 END POLIO NOW Coordinator 2024-27
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