Rotary Club of West Liberty
Newsletter - as of April 16th, 2024

Volume 1 | Issue 38

Upcoming Meeting times and details: 
Friday lunch bunch meetings be on the following dates below, meeting at Liberty Public House at 12pm, please let Cliff McFerren know if you're coming so that food may be ordered. 
April 19th
April 26th 
May 3rd
May 10th
May 17th
May 24th 
Thursday evening:
May 2nd, there will have a program. Please join us at the West  Liberty Golf and Country Club for social 5:30-6, program at 6-7pm. A meal will be served. Also following the program there will be a board meeting. Any questions please contact President Ken Brooks. 
FAIR TIME 2024-2025.....Hot off the Press with updates: 
The Fair Stand committee met and decided that we can now handle the stand by ourselves this year without the assistance of the Iowa City Noon Club!  We appreciate our partnership with the Iowa City Noon club and all that they did to help us out over these last few years.  
Framework for this year's stand will be two 4 hours shifts of 4 to 5 Rotarians / Interact Students each shift.  This will help us meet the fair board's requirement for longer hours.
In addition, we are only going to use Stand 1 (original building) this year providing a streamlined menu of our most popular items:
  • Turkey Legs
  • Turkey Tenderloins
  • Chips (2 kinds)
  • Yotty Bars (the only ice cream selection)
  • Pepsi, Dt. Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Dt Mt. Dew, and Bottled Water
How are we going to fit all of this into Stand 1?   Glad you asked.  We met with Dillon Brooke to look at remodeling Stand 1 for our 100th anniversary.  This year we would remodel stand 1 and then next year look at connecting it to Stand 2.  The Board did approve the following plan, which we would:  FairStand Designs 
  • remove the wall between the front and back of stand 1 to open it up
  •  fully insulate and panel the interior, 
  • ad 2 new sliding windows in the front to replace the existing service window,
  •  new lighting on the inside as well as outside
  • Move the water heater inside for permanent hook up
  • Install a split unit ac/heater unit for year round climate control for future use (such as the chicken bar-b-que in the fall). 
And lastly, I (Clifford) would like to do all of this remodeling in honor of past Rotarian Tom Brooke and our 100th anniversary.  I would like to have a dedication ceremony on the Tuesday night before the fair opens (which would be our traditional work night) and celebrate in a fashion Tom would have enjoyed.   
All of this is in the planning stages and prone to change so please let us know your thoughts. 
If you would like to help or contribute in some way, please reach out to me (Clifford) or Gretchen.  
Contact info: 319-430-6125 319-541-1462
100 Year Project update:
As of last Meeting Apriol 11thy - Ken Brooks has an update of the following for the 100 year project:
  • 100 Years Project

    • Ken stated that the Ball Drop fundraiser is to be coordinated with when the Football Field & Athletic Complex opens up next fall during the first football game. 

      • Ideas looking into is how to get the 1,000 ping pong balls dropped - i.e. helicopter, fire truck with ladder, etc - contact Ken if you have good contacts to make to help this part of  fundraiser

      • Looking at $20 per ticket, selling 1,000 tickets so that the goal of $20,000 would/could be raised

      • Prizes would be a cash prize potentially - more details to come

    • Also, there will be a Spring Fundraiser towards the 100 year which is a Murder Mystery Progressive Dinner 

      • Using 7 spots of downtown = Strand, LPH, Ron de Voo, Brick Street Gallery, Arty's, Puppet Theatre, and Historical Foundation Depot

      • Looking for 8 volunteers to be characters and 5 volunteers to be guides

      • This fundraiser will now take place on June 29/30th. Looking for more details to come from the committee and Ken Brooks

    • 100-year celebration - Looking at Dec 21 or 28 to be holding a Christmas Ball as a celebration of all things the RCWL club has done in 100 years. 

      • Look for more details to come from Ken Brooks 

Again, any questions please contact Ken Brooks and Jacob Burroughs. 

Birthdays are great to celebrate!  
Usually, there are gifts involved and cake!
Today we’re not writing about cake but rather gifts.  Gifts that can not only change your community but also the world! Just $2 (that’s TWO dollars) per week in recognition of Rotary’s Founder Paul Harris’s birthday could make that difference.  That amounts to $100 per year to positively impact lives of your neighbors and people who need you that you will never meet.
You could join more than 2123 or 69% of the members of Rotary District 6000 who are already committed to The Rotary Foundation.  PLUS your annual donation will be matched (while matching dollars are available) to help you become a Paul Harris Fellow (or designate this honor to someone else.)
This letter is going to every member in the District 6000.  You may already be contributing and part of the 69%. If you are, THANK YOU!!
It’s easy!  Just click on this link to donate or tell your club president or treasurer that you want to add $100 to your annual dues. And remember...your $100 will double to $200.00 with the matching dollars! Limit of $500 match. YOU are making a difference in our world!
If you have questions, email Neil Fell ( or Mark Ruggeberg (, District 6000 Annual Funds co-chairs.
Rotary Foundation - as of 4/15/224
Foundation Chairs - Please share this information; Rotarians, people of action!
cc: DG, DGE, DGN, PDGs, AGs and Bob Swanson
Welcome to Week 3 of RI’s Month of Maternal & Child Health.
The message this week is from Barry Rassin, Trustee Chair of TRF. In the current edition of Rotary (April 2024), Rotarian Rassin laments the failing health of our environment and what TRF can do about it.
“For many, the Bahamas is a place to escape colder climes, relax on white-sand beaches, and snorkel in clear, turquoise waters. For me, it’s home. I grew up sailing on these waters and to this day, anytime I can, I am out on the water with family and friends. It’s where my heart is. The environmental threats my country is facing are real. Our coral reefs, vital for biodiversity, are in danger due to warming seas and pollution. Hurricanes and tropical storms seem to get more intense with each passing year. Rising sea levels pose an existential threat to the Bahamas, eroding our beautiful coastlines as saltwater intrudes on our precious and limited freshwater resources. Rotary can be part of the solution.
As you know, protecting the environment is one of Rotary’s areas of focus. Many clubs are active in their communities with projects such as beach and roadside cleanups. With The Rotary Foundation, you can increase your impact by pooling resources with clubs and districts around the worldFoundation grants let you put the generous contributions of your fellow Rotary members to work to make the world better. The problems our environment faces seem overwhelming until you realize that many are fixable. There are so many ways to help through Rotary. Even if we don’t lead a grant or volunteer on the project, we can all help protect the environment through our giving to the Foundation. Rotary can’t save the planet all by itself. But as our progress in ending polio proves, Rotary’s impact is great when we put our vision for a better world in motion, and just get started.”
In Rotary,
Olabisi Gwamna, PhD
Mount Pleasant Rotary
Editor, Foundation Minute
Rotary Magazine Update

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