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FAIR TIME 2024-2025.....Hot off the Press with updates:
The Fair Stand committee met and decided that we can now handle the stand by ourselves this year without the assistance of the Iowa City Noon Club!  We appreciate our partnership with the Iowa City Noon club and all that they did to help us out over these last few years.  
Framework for this year's stand will be two 4 hours shifts of 4 to 5 Rotarians / Interact Students each shift.  This will help us meet the fair board's requirement for longer hours.
In addition, we are only going to use Stand 1 (original building) this year providing a streamlined menu of our most popular items:
  • Turkey Legs
  • Turkey Tenderloins
  • Chips (2 kinds)
  • Yotty Bars (the only ice cream selection)
  • Pepsi, Dt. Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Dt Mt. Dew, and Bottled Water
How are we going to fit all of this into Stand 1?   Glad you asked.  We met with Dillon Brooke to look at remodeling Stand 1 for our 100th anniversary.  This year we would remodel stand 1 and then next year look at connecting it to Stand 2.  The Board did approve the following plan, which we would:  FairStand Designs 
  • remove the wall between the front and back of stand 1 to open it up
  •  fully insulate and panel the interior, 
  • ad 2 new sliding windows in the front to replace the existing service window,
  •  new lighting on the inside as well as outside
  • Move the water heater inside for permanent hook up
  • Install a split unit ac/heater unit for year round climate control for future use (such as the chicken bar-b-que in the fall). 
And lastly, I (Clifford) would like to do all of this remodeling in honor of past Rotarian Tom Brooke and our 100th anniversary.  I would like to have a dedication ceremony on the Tuesday night before the fair opens (which would be our traditional work night) and celebrate in a fashion Tom would have enjoyed.   
All of this is in the planning stages and prone to change so please let us know your thoughts. 
If you would like to help or contribute in some way, please reach out to me (Clifford) or Gretchen.  
Contact info: 
ccmcferren@gmail.com 319-430-6125
gretchen.nollman@gmail.com 319-541-1462
Rotary Theme for 2024-2025 has been announced!
#Rotary President-elect Stephanie Urchick revealed the 2024-2025 presidential theme, The Magic of Rotary, today: "We are not going to end polio or bring peace to the world by waving a wand. It's up to you. You create the magic with every project completed..."
watch Video 
John Sever a champion of polio eradication dies

Rotary member John Sever’s work to end polio spanned decades and was marked by unwavering determination and resolve.

Rotary recognizes President Emmanuel Macron for France's commitment to a polio-free world

Rotary recognizes President Emmanuel Macron for France’s commitment to a polio-free worldPARIS (4 May 2024) – Rotary International presented its Polio Eradication Champion Award to French President Emmanuel Macron

Stand by me: The value of peer to peer support

On TikTok and on campus, students with mental health struggles are finding support among each other.

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